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Democratic legitimacy

Democratic legitimacy of decision making through women’s’ equal participation

Research and studies

Research and studies on gender equality

Being man or woman

Being man or woman does not predefine social roles and participation

Welcome to the Code-IWP project's website.
This project receives funding from the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union. The project is an initiative aimed at encouraging/increasing the participation of women as voters and as candidates in both the European and the National Parliament elections. The partnership is purposefully designed to include four small countries with low percentages of representation (Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal) and one model country (Finland) with relatively high percentages of representation.

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Workshops and Seminars

Animation Workshops and seminars for women aspiring to a career in European politics, for party officials and media professionals.

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Activities in Progress

CODE IWP Youtube Videos

Here can be found all videos related with the CODE IWP activites in all five participating countries

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Focus Group between Media Stakeholders, Youth Representatives and Male and Female Politicians (March-May 2015)

Media stakeholders, youth representatives and male and female politicians are invited in a focus group discussion of the barriers that exist towards female and youth European citizenship and are asked to develop an integrated media strategy to raise young and female people's European citizenship.

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Latest News & Events

Gendered Innovations - New Publications

Gendered Innovations - New Publications

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EXTENDED DEADLINE - CYPRUS - Win Competition for Film Production and TV advertisement

Win Competition for Film Production and TV advertisement on promoting equal participation of men and women in political life

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GENDER-NET analysis report: award schemes, gender equality and structural change

The report summarises research undertaken to understand the impact of national and regional award schemes aimed at creating greater gender equality, and their ability to stimulate gender equality and enact structural change with regard to gender equality in research institutions.

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