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The “Women in Politics Association” is an online platform that maps the various women organizations in the five participating countries of the CODE IWP Programme (Cyprus, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Portugal) as well as other European women associations providing links to their respecive websites.

Its establishment is based at promoting equality, equity, democracy and European development and fulfilment of the 2020 vision and objectives. It aims at increasing the visibility of existing women's associations and the work performed by them, enhancing the construction of networks between different organizations (governmental and non-governmental) and increasing the conditions for the participation of women in political life.


The Association encourages inter alia:

  • the involvement in the discussions concerning women's participation in politics by sharing ideas and opinions in the programme's forum;
  • the disclosure of the events and other actions taken by other organizations interested in these issues;
  • the promotion of various events and initiatives to a wider audience interested in these topics;
  • expanding the network of contacts and the potential for developing partnerships between the various associations
  • the sharing of information about the latest developments in women's political participation in Europe;
  • the generation of participatory policy proposals on issues concerning Europe and European citizenship.


Below there is a list with the already associated organizations at European level:

Whats is your opinion about women's participation in political life in your country?

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